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  • Do you use environmentally friendly vehicles?
    Of course! We are proud of our "green fleet" and understand that our operations have an impact on the environment. We have invested in our entire fleet to ensure they environmentally friendly (euro 6 vehicles), in line with the Ultra-Low Emission Zone that operates in London.
  • How does the service work? What do you need from me?
    Our "You Click, We Clear" online booking service makes the whole process very straightforward and easy to follow. Simply select the amount of truck capacity you think you need and book your preffered date and we will come and collect it. You can even add additional items if you feel you are "in between" truck capacities. Not sure what to book? No problem at all. Just get in touch by emailing to request a no obligation quote. Ideally some pictures with a list of items would be great, and a description of where the items are located. However we can also attend the site, provide you with a quote and if you're happy complete the job there and then, or at an alternative time that suits you. Each quote comes with a weight and time limit which are assessed as we quote. If it runs over, it is not a problem - we can discuss on the day.
  • Do you provide labour with the collections, or do I need to?"
    Yes, all vehicles come with two operatives, please sit back while we remove everything for you.
  • What happens to the items I have collected?  Do you recycle anything?
    Items are reused where possible and then recycled if they are not in good enough condition to donate to local charities. We have a strict zero to landfill policy where possible and any materials that cannot be recycled are used to generate green electricity to power London.
  • What are your working hours?
    24/7 collections are available, please get in touch to discuss further.
  • Can you collect hazardous items?
    Yes, please send over a brief description along with a list/pictures to, or we can attend site to provide you with a quote.
  • What are hazardous items?
    The list goes on an on however typically these are items that need to be recycled/disposed off in a particular way due to their risk to the environment, this includes items like: - Waste electricals - Whites goods which includes fridges - Fluorescent tubes - Paint - Fire Extinguishers - Tyres Get in touch to find out more, we will always advise on the best course of action.
  • Can you collect construction waste?
    We collect construction waste multiple times a day from multiple clients, please get in touch at here for a quote.
  • Do you provide waste transfer notes/duty of care documentation?
    Of course, all collections are recorded on our handheld devices and sent over once the job is complete. All we need from you is a signature on the day!
  • Do you provide Hazardous Waste Consignment notes? What are they?
    Due to hazardous items being higher risk to the environment, the environment agency must know where those items are being picked up from, who by, and where those items end up. A hazardous waste consignment note contains all of this information and we provide this once the job is complete so you don’t need to worry.
  • How big are your vehicles?
    Standard vehicles are 16 cubic yards
  • Can you offer onsite quotes
    YES! Get in touch by email to
  • What happens if I have more items to collect on the day?
    Don’t worry, we offer a flexible service and we understand there are always times when more items needs collecting, we can adjust the cost on the day. And don't worry, we will not take anything extra until you are happy, so no surprise invoices!
  • Can you collect electrical items?
    Yes, we collect all electrical items, even hazardous ones get in touch by emailing


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